Photography with an authentic design characteristic.


Chris Holloman, photographer and owner of Reno Tahoe Photography, is continually striving to evolve his style. His work has been described as clean, bright and creative. In the edible realm, mouth-watering. His approach to the craft does not lean on the imagery of others, but his appreciation for the surrounding talent (which thrives throughout the city) encourages the growth of imagination and artistic adventure.


A native of Georgia, USA, Chris spent most of his childhood in the southern hemisphere in the land known as ‘Aetearoa’ (Land of the Long White Cloud), New Zealand. Growing up under the keen photography eye of his grandfather was probably the seed that has led him on this path. But photography never entered the peripheral until 2007 when a camera offered unique access to sporting events, particularly track and field.

In 2010, after having his first sports editorial assignment in Las Vegas at the NAIA Track & Field Championships, Chris became interested in this multi-faceted craft. His first experience as a feature editorial photographer was for Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine, an arts and entertainment publication in Reno, Nevada that showcased a wide gamut of subjects from music to art to food with additional lifestyle elements included. This was his launching pad. He developed an adaptive skill as a photographer that allowed him to begin defining a recognizable style and body of work.

9 years later, Chris has built a reputation primarily in food photography. His work has received multiple awards within this niche. In addition, the art of lifestyle and structural photography rounds out his preference for his professional scope. This website calls out those three focal points in the WORK menu: Edible | Human | Structural

In Chris’ non-photography life, he pursues adventures in coaching club-level track athletes. In 2017, he worked alongside Reno-Tahoe Athletics coach Paul Heglar to train a young decathlete to a Junior Olympic National title. JJ Ply went on to add a NJCAA Collegiate National Championship title to his resume as a freshman the following spring.

Chris has also opened up his personal experiences in sharing his journey in recovery. For some, this is a challenging subject and the stigma tied to any form of substance abuse can often times lead to a discolored view. Through the continual process of a changing life, this will remain a topic that he finds a voice in… although there was a time where admission of being a man with a life-altering ‘ism’ was a pride-crushing feat, that has now become part of his story and he finds strength in knowing that he’s not alone in that realm.