A Photo with Michael Higdon...

Day 123

I've known Michael Higdon for a couple of years.  As a fellow photographer and friend, we've both found common intrigue in the art of capturing life...In a single frame. Storytelling some would call it.  When he took on his role as City Life Reporter for the Reno Gazette-Journal, I saw a shift in his work and then Mike put a call out for his called the 'Reno 365 Film Project', aimed to take a single photo with film every day of the year.

In June, he focused on portraits...I volunteered. That was on May 24th. By June 7th we'd be brainstorming ideas.  Each individual portrait was to have relevant meaning in the lives of his subjects.  So with my adventure into recovery, I said that would be a great contrast to how I've presented myself in the past and we moved forward with that in mind. 

"I kind of envision you running while being completely weighed down by bottles of booze", he messaged me, and the concept was born.

We picked a day and location, I bought some chain link to enhance the 'breaking free' visual, he brought along a selection of 'please do not break these' bottles and we got incredibly lucky to have chosen a day it would pour with rain.  It was a really fun experience to be in front of a film camera knowing we only had ONE single frame to work with.  Success or not, that would be it.  So we planned a little...got positioning and focal point dialed in...then it was game time.

Having another artist being willing to include something this important to me in a project of their own is absolute magic.  Im grateful primarily because there was never an ounce of judgement...never a thought of whether this would be a misstep in his project.  I got the opportunity to solidify my position as a man in recovery by allowing Mike to illustrate my new life with one click of his Minolta.

Final Image HERE

VIEW Mike's album as he's shared it on Facebook...Follow Mike and stay tuned for the remainder of his 365 project as it's released.