The Lessons...

Day 281

My 7th, 8th month passed by...and now I'm looking back at the 9-month token I received on Tuesday.  Grateful to be here.

So many things have transpired - and a majority of it has involved gaining a different perspective on who I am.  Sure, I'm still an artist and photographer...and yes, I'm still pursuing a life guided by the principles of my recovery (or these words you would not be reading).

I'm not going to make an endless list of gratitude points, but rather focus on the lesson learned that is the sum of these past 9 months. That has revealed itself to be patience...with a hint of consistency.  For those who don't know me, it's been difficult to focus on the most important tasks and remain diligent in moments where fear and weakness raged to cripple me. As a result, others who had supported me were given no other choice but to abandon the ship.  

There's a handful of people who've remained any cost. Unwavering in their friendship and kindness, they have rallied, encouraged, applauded and run alongside as the wheels and cogs gained traction and begun to turn again. The steam can be heard seeping onto the tracks and the grind and hiss of the train grows as the momentum builds. Because of these friends, I am here...I'm alive and charging. The endless curves have straightened out of the valley, allowing me to see off and away.  There's a horizon...who knew.  All I've known until this year has been the towering of peaks I could not climb, crevices I couldn't traverse and shadows that kept the sun at bay, chilling my soul and damning it in darkness.

Sun. Warmth. Movement. Kindness. Courage. Awareness...Change.  I was wrong about only two lessons learned. Maybe it takes the beginning of a blog to reveal such things.  Amazing that in the space of 10 minutes of writing and thinking, the processing ran on autopilot and opened up some truth. 

The work will continue...the recovery will remain my pursuit...and my friends and family will continue to be my strength.  And all of this because God is my provider...HE knew I'd be here...He knew I was strong enough to face down the shadows and patiently fight for that rising sun.

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