As transparent as I know how

Day 865

Over 200 days have passed since my last blog. But it’s time to continue writing about this road of recovery.

SO much has transpired since November of 2018.

I’m happier. I’m healthier. I’ve set goals. I’m operating my commercial photography business full-time. I’m training and competing in track and field again as a masters athlete (in the 45-49yr bracket). I feel a sense of worth and of being alive in a way I’ve not experienced until now (and I celebrated my 2nd year milestone in recovery back in March)

So that’s that. Seems standard amongst most lives, but for me, it’s required an extraordinary road. If you’d asked me 3 years ago what 2019 would look like, I’d have made up some kind of facade and embellished the details of where I was headed. Now it’s simple. I wake, experience my day, chase my goals and then shut my eyes, ready for the following morning.

Let’s chat goals for a minute. I’ve held onto something that I blogged about in 2018, and since February of this year, I’ve been diligent in my training towards this competition at the World Masters Track and Field Championships.

There’s now a curveball…

I may not be able to enter Toronto, Canada. Canadien Law clearly states that an individual with DUI history can be denied access for such an infraction. MY scenario is vastly beyond those limits.

Are there options? Yes. An individual with a minimum of 5 years since the end of any probationary period may apply for a ‘rehabilitation’ consideration (which involves extensive paperwork, work/residential history, and the list continues…). This process can take several months, but I don’t qualify due to the timing.

Yes, the entry I was granted into the SB-277 program (DUI Diversion) was a true offering of grace… but I don’t think I’m being too selfish by continuing to pursue greater things. This program will complete on July 21, 2020… that SAME WEEK is the Championship in Toronto, immediately following. THIS is why it feels like such a significant milestone to compete. It essentially becomes a tangible accomplishment that capstones ALL of it. Life for me has changed so much, and this is a way for me to close what has been a gnarly chapter of my adult years.

So, back to Toronto… my endeavor to compete remains of highest priority, but I need a miracle. I need a connection with Border Patrol who will listen and consider where I’ve been and where I’m going, rather than how I appear in legal documentation.

I’ll fight for it. I don’t expect this to be easy. But I also remember that day I walked into the courtroom in July of 2017 with the potential of a 6yr prison term over my head. THAT was a life-altering moment. Judge Flanagan didn’t listen to the DA, but rather, perhaps the voice of Almighty God… I was shown grace. I don’t want to be a ‘number’ anymore… I want to be seen as human and as a man who’s become something of worth.

I want to compete at those World Championships!

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